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Myanmar is one of the most biologically diverse and ecologically productive nations on Earth, home to some of the world’s remaining tigers, Asian elephants and hundreds of other species. However, Myanmar’s natural wealth face unprecedented pressures. Forests are disappearing, along with the animals living within it. Their habitat is being cleared and animals are poached for their body parts to be sold into the illegal wildlife trade. 


Today’s youth are tomorrow’s leaders, and environmental education and activism are critical components to any national conservation strategy. WWF seeks to safeguard the future of our planet by educating the next generation to be environmentally conscious and motivated to live sustainably.

Myanmar and Save the Children International (SCI) are partnering with Myanmar’s Ministry of Education (MoE) and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environmental Conservation (MoNREC) to develop a programme model for strengthening environmental education in primary and middle schools through project-based extracurricular learning.


Project-led environmental education will be introduced into Magway region and Kayah state to some 120 schools in the pilot phase. About 3,000 children from the ages of 8-12 can benefit in the first year of the project, expanding to wider age-groups and more schools, with the long-term goal of scaling up to 37,000 school nationally, reaching seven million children. 

Your donation will help Myanmar’s children develop their 21st century skills through project-based activities driven by child-led participatory action research; and develop advocacy skills by presenting their research, action and recommendations to relevant local government and community agencies.


Our planet needs your support to educate the next generation to save nature!

Target: Support 936 Myanmar children to study environmental education programme for 13 weeks

Crowdfunding target donation amount: HK$351,000





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