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Asia’s disappearing forests are leaving wildlife increasingly stranded and isolated…


In the new year, buy a tree to plant in the forests of Myanmar to help endangered gibbons there survive

In East and Southeast Asian forests, gibbons are one of the more charismatic primate species, which is also an indicator of forest quality and intactness because gibbons move through the forest leaping from one tree to another. In forests that are being fragmented, the gibbons become isolated in small forest patches and eventually the population will die out in that area.


Gibbon populations are in decline in Myanmar, as elsewhere in Asia, because of forest fragmentation making urgent forest restoration crucial to save these populations.


That’s why WWF is working to restore forests in selected sites in the country to connect forests to conserve eastern Hoolock gibbons (Hoolock leuconedys) in the proposed Zalon-Taung National Park, where the populations have become increasingly isolated in fragmented forest patches. The management plan for the proposed national park calls for planting trees in the degraded areas to reconnect the forest patches.

Located in northern Sagaing Region, the proposed national park extends to an area approximately 244 square kilometres (94.16 sq miles), which has been identified as a long-term conservation-significant site for eastern Hoolock gibbons and other threatened species such as the Asiatic black bear, dhole, pangolin, clouded leopard.

As one of the few sites in Myanmar that’s home to the eastern Hoolock gibbon, the proposed ZNP is crucial for the future survival of the species, which is under threat from hunting and habitat loss. But the proposed ZNP has suffered habitat degradation along the stream beds due to illegal gold mining. While mining activity has stopped, the impacts remain severe and will require intensive rebuilding.

Plant a tree for Gibbons in Myanmar

Help us restore forests in Myanmar by funding: 1 tree for HK$250, 3 trees for HK$750, 6 trees for HK$1,500, 10 trees for HK$2,500, or 20 trees for HK$5,000.



3,000 TREES


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