Knock Plastics out of the Ocean!

The annual World Rowing Coastal Championships, held under the authority of the World Rowing Federation, will make its Asian debut in Hong Kong. The event, to be held in November 2019, will take place on a 4km and 6km course in the city’s iconic Victoria Harbour. The event is a chance to raise awareness about the global marine litter problem, specifically plastic litter.

When rowing on a beautiful harbour, are you aware that eight million tonnes of plastic enter our waterways each year and filter into the ocean?

As an individual, how many pieces of single-use plastics do you use daily for eating and drinking? Plastic cutlery, containers and straws do not disappear once they’re used – a large portion end up in our marine environment. According to a study conducted by the Coastal Watch project, these items are among the top 10 items that make up Hong Kong’s marine litter, causing long-term impact on marine life. Even when properly disposed, they take up precious landfill space for a long period of time. In Hong Kong, only about 13 per cent of plastic is recovered. Dinnerware make up 9.6 per cent of disposed plastic waste and are difficult to recycle due to food contamination.

Save our marine environment, pledge to ditch single-use plastics. Please join us in supporting WWF-Hong Kong’s no-plastic in the ocean project, which calls on the food and beverage industry to stop providing plastic tableware to customers, and the government to regulate single-use plastics in the F&B industry by 2022. We need your support to make this happen!

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