Planting for the Future

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Rainforests around the world face serious threats, including from deforestation and poaching. In Indonesia, rainforests there are disappearing at a rate of three football fields per minute and as a result, Southeast Asia is losing species at twice the rate as the rest of the world!

Sumatra – home to tigers, elephants, rhinos and orangutans – has lost 55 per cent of its natural forest cover that hundreds of species rely on including the endangered Sumatran tigers and four other big cat species. In particular, we need your help to protect the remaining 371 Sumatran tigers in the wild and support our conservation work.

Please help us rebuild Rimbang Baling forest by planting either 1 tree for HK$250, 3 trees for HK$750, 6 trees for HK$1,500, 10 trees for HK$2,500, or 20 trees for HK$5,000. Name a tree/plant on behalf of your family and friends. We will send you a picture of the tree along with a link to an interactive map showing the location of the forest project. 

Target: Plant 2,000 trees

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With your generous donation, we can help halt deforestation and rebuild crucial tiger habitat to secure the home of Southeast Asia’s most endangered species!

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